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Smudgers Mutts Services

We offer a flexible, friendly service and have had all sorts of requests which we’ve managed to fulfil!. We do not have a fixed breed led price list, we would rather discuss your dog with you and provide you with an accurate quotation for the work you require.

The grooming process involves a thorough wash and dry of your dog, paws will be cleared, ears cleaned, nails cut and excess hair removed – resulting in a healthy knot free coat. We also carry out a health check during the grooming process and often identify parasites and health issues that you may not have been aware of.

Our aim is always to work with you and your pet to gain the end result you are happy with, at a cost that is acceptable to everyone. Please just give us a call for a chat, you will get a feel for what we are all about…these calls become the start of a long term relationship working with you and your happy hound!

Here’s just one Service…Give your feet a treat

Dogs paws need to be cleared regularly to avoid the build up of hair and dirt in between toes and pads, which can feel like us having a stone in our shoe.

Keep your dogs paws regularly cleared to prevent big mud splat paw prints and to keep them comfortable.

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