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Dawgs Insight

Here’s a cheeky view of what happens to your dawg whilst they are in our care, enjoying their pampering session.

Dexters’ five weekly pampering

Dexter has been coming to Smudges Mutts Dog Grooming for just over two years now. He was not the most cooperative of dogs and did seem to enjoy winding the ladies up. However, they have always risen to the challenge and Dexter has always returned to us looking and smelling a million times better!!

Sarah has been brilliant with all her advise on how to deal with a poodle mix coat (never the easiest) Sarah always listens to how I wish Dexter to look and advises the best way to achieve this.

The atmosphere in the Grooming room is excellent, full of good banter and good vibes. We now have a dog who cannot wait to get in through the door and loves being groomed. Thank you ladies for putting up with fruit loop Dexter, he loves coming to see you and so do I. We look forward to seeing you all again very soon.

Jane and Dexter Wootton

Monty & Marcos’ six weekly pampering

Sarah and her team are amazing! Both my dogs always come home pristinely white and clean, smelling amazing and perfectly clipped! They are brilliant with my slightly grumpy dog Monty and always on hand to offer advice on all grooming needs with a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Even better you can also purchase the products from Sarah so your pooches can always smell fab!

Monty, Marco and Laura Waite